I Believe in the Resurrection…

“I will never understand God’s intended reach for my life until I have explored the outer most ripple.” - Cher Gatto In Order to move toward the Outer Ripple… God’s fullest potential for our lives we must begin to approach life from the perspective of victory and not defeat. To many of us are walking … Continue reading I Believe in the Resurrection…


I Believe in Jesus Christ, God’s Only Son, Our Lord

What does it mean that Jesus Christ is Lord? Generally speaking, a lord is someone with authority, control, or power over others; to say that someone is “lord” is to consider that person a master or ruler of some kind.  Who is Lord of your life today?  When I was a new believer I had … Continue reading I Believe in Jesus Christ, God’s Only Son, Our Lord

Reckless Love

My child I love you!  No matter who you are or where you are today you are never outside of God’s loving embrace. Today God is calling you home to Himself. His reckless love pursues you. No matter how far you may have wandered God’s arms are wide open to you today. He longs to … Continue reading Reckless Love