Victories Are Won Together

Does the name Jessica McClure trip any memory bells in your mind?  She was eighteen –month – old girl from Midland, Texas, who fell in a deep, abandoned well-pipe several years ago.  About four hundred people took part in her fifty-eight-hour rescue attempt, which was spurred on by her cries of anguish that could be clearly heard at the ground level through the pipe.

At one point in the rescue, a critical decision was made. The rescuers decided that the rescue would take place in two phases.  Phase one was simply to get someone down their next to her as soon as possible; phase two was actually extracting her from the well.

Phase one was driven by the knowledge that people tend to do and think strange things when they are trapped alone in a dark scary place for long periods of time. They get disoriented and their fears get blown out of proportion.  Their minds play tricks on the them. Sometimes they start doing self-destructive things.  Sometimes they just give up!  So, the rescue experts decided that they needed to get someone down there to be with her as soon as possible then turn their attention on how they were going to get her out of the well. The plan worked and eventually Jessica was rescued.

Just as Jessica overcame this battle for her life, we overcome the battles of this life together. Author Erwin McManus wrote in his recent book The Last Arrow, “You might begin your journey alone, but the place God is taking you is the land called together.”

The Bible says it this way, “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:12).  

Are you trying to face your current battles alone without the help of other loving, caring and praying people in your life?  Step out of the isolation, confusion and destructive behavior and bring your life into the light of God’s presence and authentic community. Identify two people you can bear your soul with, reach out to them and ask them to journey with you. Then plug into an authentic community of faith (church).

As the people of Israel continued their journey into their NEW LIFE they were attacked, their identity as the children of God put them in direct opposition with the darkness.  In fact, the Amalekites ambushed them as they encamped at Rephidim. Immediately the people of God were engaged in the battle. Joshua took his role as commander and Moses as the great intercessor. As Moses stood upon a mountain in full view of the army of God with hands raised toward heaven Joshua and Israel would prevail but as he grew tired and he could not hold his hands up in intercessory prayer the Amalekites would prevail. In Moses weakness Aaron and Hur came up under him and held his hands toward heaven and together they took the victory. (Exodus 17:8-16)

My friends because of who we are and whose we are, “a Child of God”, we stand in direct opposition with the forces of darkness. So often Satan does his best to get us alone.  Prowling around like a lion, trying to isolate us from the pack and make us vulnerable.  Often without warning and without provocation he attacks us and does all he can within his power to kill, steal and destroy us.  We are most vulnerable to his schemes when we are alone and isolated away from the family of God trying to fight our battles on our own. Yet we overcome when we lock arms with other believers and face our battles together. As Aaron and Hur held Moses’ hands toward heaven so to we need others in our lives to come alongside us and hold our hands toward heaven.

In the NEW LIFE our battles are won together. There is strength in numbers in the kingdom of God. When we lock arms with others brothers and sisters in the Lord and we lift each-other up we secure the victory.

Have you identified your people? Those who are willing to fight with you and for you in the battles you are currently facing? Do you have at least two other believers of your same gender who are shouldering up with you?

We must identify our people and then invite them into the battle with us to walk alongside us and hold us accountable. To pray for us.  To ultimately support us and hold our hands toward heaven so that we will overcome the battles we face.  We cannot fight on our own, God is not expecting us to.  The secret of being victorious over the forces that want to destroy our lives is to identify your people and then to go to war with your hands held high toward heaven.

Pastor Peter

“If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together.”

-Ancient African Saying-

Listen to message HERE


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