I Beleive in the Crucifixion (Part 3)

God uses the suffering and pain that we encounter here on this side of Heaven to equip us to extend His kingdom on the earth. As we yield our lives to Jesus in the fiery furnace of our afflictions He takes the pain and brokenness we experience and turns it into life for the world around us. God supernaturally equips us to extend his love and grace, his comfort to the world around us we walk with Him through the fire.

I Belive in Jesus Christ, God’s Only Son..

What does it mean that I believe in Jesus Christ, God's only Son…? Let’s start with what this does not mean. It Does Not Mean that Jesus is God’s only Son. Throughout the scripture the term “Son(s) of God” is given to creatures other then Jesus that God himself created. For instance, in the book … Continue reading I Belive in Jesus Christ, God’s Only Son..